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It is Registered under the Societies Registration Act under Section 10 of the Tamilnadu Societies Registration Act 1974 (Tamilnadu Act 27 of 1975) registered on 17-6-1980 at Villupuram. The main objective of the Tagore Educational Society is to impart education for all. After giving education and training, to give and increase employment potentialities to the poor, down trodden, physically handicapped, widows, destitute women, youth, school, college students, orphaned children, to uplift their social status and issue certificates to the eligible candidates. To undertake any scheme entrusted by the Govt. of India and Tamilnadu for the welfare of the people. 


The Tagore Educational Society with vast experience in the field of education, now enters in offering short-term certificate courses, Diploma Courses, Advanced Diploma Courses under “Tagore Academic Board” for Skill Development, in vocational, Para Medical, Technical, Management, Allied Health Education, Agriculture & Allied Technology, Automobile, Child Education, Soft skill & communicative Education, Animal Management Science, Computer Science, Electrical & Electronics Sciences, Home Business Education, Music, Dance, Art Education, Value Education, Multimedia Education, Cosmetology etc. Tagore Academic Board also promotes B.voc and M.voc degree programs recognized by universities. The Tagore Academic Board also provides opportunity for school leaving students, working people & skilled personals to pursue their higher studies through recognized university.


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